Heart of Darkness is a large scale multi-media theatrical installation that takes inspiration from Orson Welles’ un-produced screenplay of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. Conceived by scenic designer Kristen Robinson, and brought to life by a multidisciplinary artistic team, Heart of Darkness asks audiences to lose themselves in an impenetrable forest - a noisy dream suspended between surface reality and subterranean confusion.

Heart of Darkness uses Marlow’s journey into the depths of the jungle as an analogy for the artistic process. Audiences will encounter a serpentine river, travelling through at eye level, their eye becoming Marlow’s boat...becoming Marlow.  The Explorer decides to either stay the course of the river, or submerge themselves in the darkness below. Heart of Darkness is a voyage into the all consuming consciousness of Kurtz/Conrad/Welles.

This project is being developed through the Princess Grace Foundation-USA Works-in-Progress Residency at Baryshnikov Arts Center.

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